Match 30

Dude gets beat bad. Sorry bro. Sometimes girls just win easy, it happens.


Match 29

Kid got owned. She was much bigger though, he didn't really have a chance.


Match 26

he's aggressive with her, that's how you have to be, sometimes dudes are timid when they wrestle girls and then they get beat


Match 24

tough loss for the dude.. he was up 15-1 and she came back to make it 17-12, then pinned him :/


Match 22

Good win for the guy. It looks like she gets his nuts around 2:40-2:42:

but he does a good job hanging in there. that's really the turning point when a girl goes for a guy there, she might take control and get in his head but if that doesn't work probably nothing will. this guy's a better wrestler than her and he was able to focus and shrug it off, good job dude.


I kinda feel bad that girls are winning so much, lol.  I respect girls, love girls.  And I love seeing girls break the mold and compete at a "male" sport like wrestling.  Much respect.  But I didn't expect them to be winning so much, lol.  I just feel bad cause the guys are taught wrestling is "their" sport, every guy thinks he's better than girls at physical things.. and then they get pinned.  :/


Match #21

nice win dude. I thought the girl was gonna take it, her build is much better for wrestling. he focused and got it done.


Match #20: Jordan Morrell vs. Hunter Hites

tough loss for the guy, he seemed like a good wrestler, but you can see him sort of run out of gas.. he makes a mistake and the girl takes advantage of it. sucks when you know you coulda won and end up pinned.

girl teaches a guy how to wrestle.. lol from looking at the vids I think a lot of guys could use the lesson


Match 16

This is actually an exhibition. But it takes place at a real meet, and the dudes need a win, so we'll count it as an official match lol.


Match 11

haha did she get his nuts around 2:30? looks like he holds himself down there when he's on the ground. dirrrrrty.


anyone keeping score at home?

After 10 real matches it's girls 7, guys 1, and 2 draws. I'm not trying to be biased or anything lol, please post any links to guys winning if you want and I can include them.

I had a feeling girls won more but I didn't think it was this often. I don't know why. I guess the girls who wrestle are pretty strong and good at it.